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HR Blogs Can Be Great Source of Information for Professionals

Posted by Tami Russell on Jun 13, 2017 11:30:17 PM


If you’re in the human resources industry, here are some blogs you should check out.  We’ve updated this list to include the “best HR Blogs of 2017,” per

Human Resources Today
This blog has more than 150,000 subscribers and “brings together the best content for HR Professionals from the widest variety of industry thought leaders,” says the fitsmallbusiness website.

The blog “is a resource for business leaders and HR professionals to understand trends, competitive practices and opportunities.”

Xenium’s Developing Great Employers Blog
This site is described as “dedicated to providing HR professionals and small business leaders with best practice information.”

Visit for a look at some other blogs they recommend.

The Knowledge Nook would like to add some of these favorites of HR professionals:

Evil HR Lady
The very name of this blog has to get your attention.  No, the posts aren’t about how to BE an evil HR professional.  Instead, it’s about getting past that common perception and gaining a better understanding of what it’s like working in human resources.  She covers a variety of HR topics and answers questions via email.  It’s a popular blog that has been around for years.

HR Bartender
This blog has been recognized by SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) as one of the Top 5 blogs read by professionals in the HR industry.  Sharlyn Lauby is an HR consultant and president of a company that provides training on the retention and engagement of talent in the workplace.  The topics focus on issues surrounding HR and the workplace.

The Chief Happiness Officer
While the evil HR lady didn’t necessarily want you to view her as evil, Alexander Kjerulf’s blog is actually focused on happiness.  He is the founder of WooHoo Inc., and a thought leader in the area of workplace happiness.  That has to appeal to an HR team, right?

Ask A Manager
Okay, this isn’t officially branded as an HR blog, but its question and answer based posts can be a valuable resource.  Alison Green takes an honest, no-nonsense approach to questions about how to handle a variety of stressful conflicts, ethical challenges and personal problems in the workplace.

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