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ICE Raids, Immigrant Status, and Transgender Rights Part of HR Responsibilities

Posted by Tami Russell on Feb 28, 2017 5:53:14 PM


Do you, as a working HR professional, know what to do if ICE agents come to your office? 

Was the recent “Day Without Immigrants” movement an issue at the workplace? 

What is your company's record on transgender rights and the emerging issue of public restrooms? 

What about affordable care?  Visa issues? There are no shortages of issues that a professional HR employee must stay ahead of.

Everyday brings another headline with must-have information about the way we work and rules and rights of the employees who make up the organizational base. In addition to dominating the headlines over the past few weeks, these human rights topics listed above are just a few of the issues trending with HR professionals across the country. 

Here are some insights from, a leading website for HR professionals.

According to a new article, “Do Employees Know What to Do if ICE Comes Knocking?,” multiple employees within an organization may need to know what to do if U.S. Immigration and Customer Enforcement agents show up at the office door.  Author Kate McGovern Tornone notes that “receptionists, crew managers, and others who would be the first point of contact need to know what to say – and what not to say.”

Earlier in February, in cities across the U.S., thousands of businesses and organizations, including restaurants and construction companies, braced for a strike in response to President Trump’s immigration agenda.  According to a news report from NPR, some businesses chose to close for a day while others pledged to give a portion of the day’s proceeds to the cause.  Other organizations vowed to terminate employees for missing work on this day.

According to a article in, “A ‘Day Without’ Employees?  Excuse the Absenses, Experts Say,” one of the best responses might be to “withhold discipline, according to employment law attorneys.  In this article, also by author Kate McGovern Tornone, some of the ramifications of firing employees over missed work may be a high price to pay for employers.

Transgender rights have been dominating the news feeds for weeks now.  Author Tammy Binford, writing for, discusses the need for employers to stay ahead of the regulations in “Employers Advised to Stay Up to Date on Legal Trends Affecting Transgender Rights.”  Earlier in February, the Trump administration rescinded guidance from the Obama administration on school restrooms.  What is the message for your organization?

(Note:, like many on-line resources for human resource professionals, requires a login to access articles and other services on their website.  These types of resources often give readers emerging news and HR issues more quickly than many other published fliers or hard-copy newsletters.)

What are your go-to outlets for news you need as a HR professional?  Share them here!

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