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'Never Stop Learning' Is One of Many Career Tips for Paralegals

Posted by Tami Russell on Feb 17, 2017 1:38:24 PM


With the revolving duties of a paralegal, and the many law specialties available to choose from, how can a working paralegal or legal assistant give him or herself the edge when planning for future job security, or possible advancement on the job? Here are 4 tips from the website, a leading career and staffing expert organization, and 4 from, a product and support organization.

Never Stop Learning Although paralegals can enter the career with career-related proof of education (an important distinction when it comes to billable hours), it is always smart to keep learning.  Continued work toward an advanced degree, enrolling in continuing education courses, advanced technical training in office technology, and work-related seminars are always a good idea for the paralegal who wants to advance.

Seek Challenging Assignments – Show your employer that you are eager for interesting, challenging assignments, and then deliver your best work.

Get Technical – A working paralegal needs a background in technical skills – such as Microsoft Word, experience in billing software, litigation support programs and case management software.

Specialize in a Practice – Employers seek people with a background in specialized practice areas.  Become familiar with a specific area and use that to your advantage.

Network – Networking with like-minded peers and others in your industry is always a good idea.  Join groups which give you the opportunity to meet others in your field who are outside of your office.

Join Professional Organizations – In addition to above-mentioned networking opportunities, these kinds of organizations often offer additional training programs at reasonable costs.

Read Professional Blogs and Articles – Keep in the know by following what other paralegals are doing in the field.  There are many good blogs and articles available online.

Move To A New City – Sometimes, there may not be that many opportunities in your community.  It might take a move to a bigger locale with a healthy, competitive job market.


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