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Major Issues Facing Oil and Gas Accounting Professionals Was Focus of NAPAC 17

Posted by Tami Russell on May 25, 2017 2:17:52 PM

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What Are The License Requirements for Private Investigators?

Posted by Tami Russell on May 23, 2017 6:29:28 PM

People considering a career in private investigations often have questions about the educational and personal background, and work experience, necessary to enter the field. 

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Medical Coding and Billing Is Strong Choice for Career Changers

Posted by Tami Russell on May 19, 2017 5:20:28 PM

Many people interested in a career in the health care industry are considering the growing field of Medical Coding and Billing. The field is a valid option for both the career changer and the individual just entering the first stage of their professional life.

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What Are Certificate Programs?

Posted by Tami Russell on May 16, 2017 9:11:46 PM

Many universities, colleges and trade schools offer “certificate”programs.  However, not many of us understand what a “certificate” is and how it can help a professional.

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What is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant?

Posted by Tami Russell on May 12, 2017 4:44:23 PM

Obtaining the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant® (CCMA®) credential is one way to boost a career as a medical assistant.  The National Healthcareer Association® offers this important certification exam leading to the CCMA® designation.

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Good Communication is Key to a Strong HR Department and Strong Organization

Posted by Tami Russell on May 9, 2017 10:25:09 PM

Let's revisit the power of communication in the workplace.

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Will a Degree Help Me Find Work in the Forensics Field?

Posted by Tami Russell on May 5, 2017 2:12:43 PM

Although there are some jobs within the forensics field that do not require a degree, individuals with a college degree in targeted disciplines will have increased options and opportunities for advancement and salary increases.

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What Careers Are Similar to Dental Assisting?

Posted by Tami Russell on May 2, 2017 9:53:19 PM

If you are on the hunt for a new career, it’s a great idea to look into a variety of options and learn all you can about the ones that interest you.

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Is Becoming A Paralegal A Good Choice for Career-Changers?

Posted by Tami Russell on Apr 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM

For many of us, changing careers can be an overwhelming prospect.  There are new terms to learn, new rules to absorb, new skills to master, new people to meet.  Too often, staying in an unfulfilling job seems like the safest option.

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Upstream Takes On Unique Meaning in the Energy Industry

Posted by Tami Russell on Apr 25, 2017 6:41:09 PM

Oil and gas industry professionals have a vocabulary that is somewhat unique to their industry.  Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream are three terms that oil and gas industry professionals toss about as they discuss the stages of production, from discovery to delivery of oil and gas.  Terms can be a little intimidating for industry newcomers.

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