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What Are Some Perks to Becoming a Private Investigator?

Posted by Tami Russell on Oct 9, 2017 3:08:41 PM


Private investigators (sometimes called private detectives) enjoy many career perks.  The job is especially attractive to entrepreneurial thinkers who like the flexibility of this interesting, diverse career.

Job and information sites Career Trend and Privateinvestigator101 list several benefits for would-be private investigators to consider, including

The Opportunity to Work Independently While Doing Something You Love – According to the Career Trend article, “the U.S. Bureau of Statistics reports that approximately 21 percent of private investigators are self-employed.”  Others may prefer the safety of a corporate environment and will find jobs in offices “doing computer searches” and other activities.

Privateinvestigator101 adds, “The advantage of being a private investigator is doing the job that you love to do.”  According to many sources, private investigations ranks high in job satisfaction polls.

The Ability to Help People - When you’ve read about the work of a private investigator, you’ve no doubt read about his or her involvement in missing persons’ cases, fraud investigations, background checks that uncover questionable activities, and much more.  If providing vital information to corporations and individuals sounds like something you would enjoy, maybe private investigations is a great career to investigate for yourself!

Excitement – Private investigators go undercover, investigate bad guys and discover things that might lead to a break in a front-page crime case.  In addition, the “office” might be a surveillance car, a coffee shop, or a corporate library.  There are many options for individuals in this field.

Professionalism and a Promising Second Career – According to Career Trend, “extensive training, patience and intelligence are required” of all private investigators.

According to information from the PDI Private Investigations Certificate Program, to enter the field, it is recommended that you have, at minimum, a high school diploma or equivalent, such as the GED.  But the field appeals to people from a range of educational backgrounds – with degrees ranging from GEDs to PhDs. 

Some individuals are drawn to the career as their first option as professionals. Many others become private investigators after successful careers in a myriad of professions, including “former police officers, paralegals, insurance agents, military servicemen, federal intelligence personnel, lawyers, investigative reports, and others,” says Career Trend.

Stability – There are thousands of individuals working as Private Investigators in the United States today, and the industry is predicted to have a 5 percent growth rate through 2024.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the median pay for the profession is $45,610 per year.  The lowest 10 percent, often new to the field, may make less than $27,000.  Those at the highest end of the spectrum can earn in excess of $85,000 per year.

Pay scales vary based on the type of work, and number of hours worked.  Privateinvestigator101 declares income one of the potential advantages of the field.  Pay rates “depend on where you live and who you work for, and if you own your own business as a private investigator.”

Technology Savvy – Private investigators use a number of tools and must stay up to date with technology advancements.  Most are computer, smart phone and tablet savvy.  They use high-end cameras and the latest apps. To stay competitive in the field, private investigators must spend a lot of time working on their own skills so they can better serve their clients.

Does the work of a Professional Private Investigator sound like a good career fit?  Learn more by visiting PDI’s Certificate of Professional Private Investigations program.

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